When an object has been around me long enough it starts to create a kind of a distance between the way it was originally designed to function and the way it is perceived now, as well as a tension between the way it looks to those who keep them in dust and the way I look at them.

The problem is that the kinds of objects I find most appealing are out of fashion and/or function. In the past, they used to be ordinary and useful household items, but, now, they carry dust, memories, secrets, craftsmanship and the truth about the culture in them.

The objects I choose to re-design in clay are becoming more abstract if coming up closer as the gap between the time they were first produced and the now is increasing.         

Being surrounded by the objects of the past that pays tribute to the cultural inheritance reminds us to slow down and helps us to reconnect with the present.



CURRICULUM VITAE                                                                                                                    BIOGRAPHY